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Sibilia Peruvian Earrings Patina and Gold


Sibilia Patina and Leather Rita Belt

Sibilia Oxidized Patina Oruga Belt

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Sibilia Jewelry

Sibilia Jewelry

The "Oruga" belt by jewelry designer Fernanda Sibilia features beautiful flat oxidized patina round disks in the shape of a caterpillar, and brown multi leather straps attached to a 24k gold plated chain with various links to adjust length; and a hinged hook clasp.  Spanish word "oruga" meaning caterpillar.  The "oruga" belt can also be used as a necklace.

Argentinean jewelry designer Fernanda Sibilia creates contemporary, eclectic and geometric jewelry that really defies description! She uses hammered metals in 24k gold plating, old-fashioned brass, 925 silver, copper and bronze to create bold yet contemporary and totally wearable art. Sibilia finds inspiration from ancient Mesoamerican and Precolumbian civilizations; Sibilia’s jewelry is all handmade.

The English word "patina" derives from the Greek term for dish, and was initially referred to the tray, often bronze, which was used to distribute the host during the Eucharist.  Such trays became venerable and were preserved over long periods of time, developing the signs of age "patina," a pleasing shade of green, due to exposure to open air and the natural process of oxidation and aged metal.

Oxidation is a process that naturally occurs when a metal is exposed to oxygen in the air. This can happen in a few days or months, depending on the environment, humidity and other factors.