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Sibilia Linear Metals and Gold Earrings


Sibilia Polka Mixed Metal Earrings

Sibilia Nubia Multi Metal Hoop Earrings

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Sibilia Jewelry

Sibilia Jewelry

  • Length:  2.5" L
  • Hoop Diameter: 1 3/4" 


Argentinean jewelry designer Fernanda Sibilia creates contemporary, eclectic, and geometric jewelry that really defies description! She uses hammered metals in 24k gold plating, old-fashioned brass, 925 silver, copper and bronze to create bold yet contemporary and totally wearable art.

Sibilia’s jewelry is all handmade.

Nubia is located in on the Nile River, to the south of Ancient Egypt and northern Sudan; also known as the Kingdom of Kush, meaning – the Land of Gold.  It is believed the word Nubia derives from the Ancient Egyptian nbu, meaning gold, referring to the gold mines for which Nubia was famous.  In antiquity, Nubia had a wealth of gold, ebony, ivory, copper, perfumes and incense but also produced and traded a variety of goods such as pottery.