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Sibilia Poncho Adjustable Gold Statement Necklace


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Sibilia Jewelry

Sibilia Jewelry

  • Length:  18" L
  • Pendant:  Middle Pendant 3" L


Argentinean jewelry designer Fernanda Sibilia creates contemporary, eclectic, geometric, and organically-shaped jewelry that defies description!! She uses hammered metals in 24k gold plating, old fashion brass, 925 silver, copper and bronze to create bold yet contemporary and totally wearable art.

All of Sibilia's jewelry is handmade.

The Spanish word "Poncho" is a traditional rectangular or square shaped cut of fabric with an opening in the center for the wearer's head. Ponchos are made of weaved Alpaca, llama, sheep or vicuna wool. It is believed that the word “poncho” derives from the Quechua word “punchu,” or from the Mapuche word “pontro” (frazada or blanket). The “poncho is frequently used in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and also in some regions of Argentina and Chile. Size, shape, color and texture of a “poncho” usually identify unique characteristics of certain communities in Ecuador, Chile and Peru.