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Ferrara Mesh Ring Collar Necklace

Sibilia Pura Vida Leather Wrap Bracelet OV

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Sibilia Jewelry

Sibilia Jewelry

Argentinean jewelry designer Fernanda Sibilia creates contemporary, eclectic, geometric, organically-shaped jewelry that really defies description! She uses hammered metals to create bold yet contemporary and totally wearable art. Sibilia’s jewelry is all handmade in Argentina.

Amethyst is the most highly valued stone in the quartz group. Amethyst’s name derives from the Greek word amethyein meaning "not drunk."   In ancient times, amethyst was worn as an amulet against drunkenness. Formerly, amethyst was a favorite gemstone of high officials of the Christian church.   The Greeks wore an amethyst for protection against magic, homesickness, evil thoughts, and drunkenness.  In India Buddhist monks use amethyst to help them meditate.

The saying "pura vida" is used constantly by free spirits in the country of Costa Rica; “pura” means “pure” and “vida” means “life,” the phrase “pura vida” can be translated in many ways such as “full of life,” “this is real living,” “this is the life,” “awesome” or even a greeting or goodbye.   

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