For thousands of years, humans have been turning beautiful things from the world around us into functional and wearable works of art. The simple fact is that through the centuries, jewelry has been used to make everything from subtle to downright big and bold fashion statements. Statement jewelry has definitely evolved. For those looking to take full advantage of what jewelry has to offer, there are some amazing options.

Looking to Get Noticed?

In the past, jewelry tended to be more conservative. While there are still plenty of conservative jewelry pieces on the market, one thing is for sure. Jewelry has become bolder.

It can be tough to get noticed in the fashion world. While there is a limited variety in clothing options, the same isn’t true for jewelry. In contrast, there are almost endless kinds of jewelry out there, with more choices being created daily.

Whether it is earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, there are many options that options can be cleverly paired to create endless looks. For those looking to express themselves, jewelry stands as a unique option. If you want to garner attention, then big, bold jewelry is the answer.

Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets… Oh My!

Some of the world’s best jewelry is visually striking and captures attention. A wild and impressive looking necklace, such as one using feathers or gold beads for example, can work to instantly make a statement and grab the eye. Increasingly, options such as mesh neck rings have become a popular choice, as they are both visually arresting and unexpected.

Take a look at the Buju Black Deer Lace Leather Lion Mane Necklace. This remarkable piece uses not only unique materials, but also an unusual style.

Buju Black Deer Lace Leather Lion Mane Necklace

Buju Black Deer Lace Leather Lion Mane Necklace

Another very special accessory is the Ferrara Mesh Cascading Crystal Statement Necklace. This gorgeous necklace is made from chain mail, which is an unexpected choice since this material is used so often for industrial, architectural and even scientific purposes.

Ferrara Mesh Cascading Crystal Statement Necklace

Ferrara Mesh Cascading Crystal Statement Necklace 

The Diversity of Rings

Rings are another example of how statement jewelry has evolved. Rings are no longer limited to just the use of stones and precious stones. Today's choices are endless, especially when you consider the wide array of materials that can be used.

Exotic Materials Blend Art and Beauty

Jewelry is a fusion of beauty, exotic materials and art. You’ll even see jewelry made from materials such as horns and bone sourced from around the world. For example the Large Ebony and Tusk Bangle mixes together natural materials from West African Watusi cattle with ebony and sterling steel for a surprising and bold combination.

Large Ebony and Tusk Bangle

Large Ebony and Tusk Bangle

It’s all about getting noticed and capturing the eye of the beholder. The evolution of statement jewelry underscores this fact.

Blended together by a master designer, the end results can be unforgettable and wildly captivating. The time you spend creating your own jewelry look is time well spent and will help you elevate your fashion to a whole new level.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make a statement.