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Denmark’s internationally famous designer team - Gerda and Nicolai Monies founded the Danish jewelry company 40 years ago, creating a style completely unique. Both Gerda and Nicoli are trained goldsmiths and renowned for their elegant and avant-garde jewelry worldwide.Read More

Weaving and other textile arts in Guatemala are done by the indegenous people of that country. This art is learned within the home and workshop environment from a very early age. Because many Guatemalan weavers begin to weave when they are very young they often have great skill by the time they are fourteen or fifteen years old.

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Accessorizing? Look no more, choose jewelry designer Annie Hammer!

Jewelry designer Annie Hammer out of Tucson, Arizona works with unusual materials such as stingray, kyanite, amethyst, abalone, druzy, and various other semi-precious stones. She also uses snakeskins, different kind of woods, bone, feathers, crystal points, boar's tusks, and humanely sourced shed antlers that litter the forest.

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Chainmail is also called chain mail or chain maille, (maille), French deriving from the Latin word macula, which means mesh or net). It is defined as the practice of linking rings to create patterns, or “sheets” of flexible metal for the purpose of armor or decoration. There is some evidence ring mail was first worn by mounted Scythian warriors from southern Russia and later adopted by the Celts and Romans.Read More
For thousands of years, humans have been turning beautiful things from the world around us into functional and wearable works of art. The simple fact is that through the centuries, jewelry has been used to make everything from subtle to downright big and bold fashion statements. Statement jewelry has definitely evolved.Read More
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