Accessorizing? Look no more, choose jewelry designer Annie Hammer!

Jewelry designer Annie Hammer out of Tucson, Arizona works with unusual materials such as stingray, kyanite, amethyst, abalone, druzy, and various other semi-precious stones. She also uses snakeskins, different kind of woods, bone, feathers, crystal points, boar's tusks, and humanely sourced shed antlers that litter the forest (trashy deer).

Annie Hammers' signature today is using all of these materials with different kind of metals, recycled materials, and antique charms. She then mixes shapes and textures creating bold, focused pieces that combine natural chic, geometric edge and mystical flare.

Annie Hammer Turquoise Leather Charm Bracelet


These beautiful Annie Hammer earrings feature Stingray and Abalone.  Stingray also known as the jewel of the sea, is now becoming the most sought after leather in fashion because of its high durability, it will not break or fray.  The leather contains bumps and a graphic "diamond" motif that makes it so stunning when used in jewelry.

Annie Hammer Stingray with Abalone Drop Earrings


The following Annie Hammer Feather and Leather Pouch necklace has a very mystical and spiritual meaning to it.  In the ancient culture and traditions of Native Americans the meaning of feathers are inextricable tied to the belief that birds, as spirit guides, walk through different states of life with a person, teaching and guiding them or protecting them.

Annie has also added a leather pouch to this necklace resembling Native American medicine bags that were used to carry items related to a vision quest, stones, fetishes, sweet grass, sage, bones, hair or fur, roots, leaves or feathers. Each of the items had a special significance in the life of the owner of the bag. Annie uses Vessonite a green garnet good healing stone, which aids calming and forgiving.  All in all a special and beautiful necklace for the spiritually inclined.

Annie Hammer Feather & Leather Pouch Necklace