Denmark’s internationally famous designer team - Gerda and Nicolai Monies founded the Danish jewelry company 40 years ago, creating a style completely unique. Both Gerda and Nicoli are trained goldsmiths and renowned for their elegant and avant-garde jewelry worldwide.

Gerda and Nicolai Monies work mainly with materials such as petrified wood, fossils, precious stones, mammoth, shells, coconut, amber, coral, cow bone, cow horn, copper, all kinds of wood, seeds, stones from Danish beaches and 24 karat gold from Greenland.

Monies Cylindrical Horn Stretch Bracelet

Gerda Monies also known as Gerda Lynggaard is known for her dramatic, large-scale jewelry designs. Gerda’s philosophy is that jewelry should be large to stand out - and a bit provocative - Gerda states, " Big earrings, bracelets and necklaces add drama to a woman's personality. All every woman needs is one great piece of important jewelry. "

Gerda Monies Vintage Tribal Horn Necklace


Monies jewelry is designed and produced in Copenhagen. Over the years they have produced unique collections for the large fashion houses, such as Donna Karan and Chanel.

The productions of Monies are divided into two categories: the first is represented by a line of jewelry designed by Gerda and Nicoli in Copenhagen, but produced abroad, the second is composed of unique pieces, designed and created ad hoc by the couple.

The Monies collection has been around since 1973 and pieces from the 1970’s and 1980’s are rare and hugely popular! Look for vintage Monies jewelry at